Stationery stash

Had to leave Japan due to fear of buying too much stationery.  London, UK.  September 2016.


Secret Forest

Secret ForestHanazono, Niseko, Japan.  February 2014.


Bullet Trains (and Fuji Rock, Kyoto and Tokyo)


Fuji Rock

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2012-07-28 16.11.41 - Copy

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IMG_2183photo 11 (1)Bullet train.  Radiohead headlining in the Japan Alps, sleeping on floor mats in a traditional Japanese Ryokan (me, not Radiohead – IN MY DREAMS), eating vending-machine pot noodles for dinner.  Bullet train.  Kyoto, former Imperial capital of Japan and city of Geishas and beautiful wooden Gion streets.  Bullet train.  Tokyo – 35 million within the larger metropolitan area and still counting – for Contemporary Art and really mind-blowing stationery.  August 2012.


Tokyo, Niseko and the tragic 2011 Japanese earthquake.

IMG_0778A beautiful and diverse country – wishing all those affected by the tragedy a continued recovery.  March 2011.