Mao, The Unknown Story. Jung Chang and Jon Halliday

MaoHard to believe the impact of one individual on so many generations and a national psyche, as well as the extent to which fundamental facts are simply unknown.  Woven within the context of Twentieth Century world history and given the role China – a fifth of the world’s population – is set to play on the world stage going forwards, a polemical yet humbling insight into the challenges facing the People’s Republic, past, present and future.  April 2014.

Factory 798

798 Art

2012-10-20 16.12.05

2012-10-20 16.38.25

2012-10-22 14.31.21-1A thriving art community in Beijing’s ‘District 798’, working and exhibiting among 50-year old decommissioned military buildings.  Disclaimer: top image is actually from a lavatory (not a gallery); final image is from the Hutongs.  October 2012.

Harbin Ice Festival

HarbinHarbin, Northern China.  Chinese Russian influences, including 3 story-high ice sculptures complete with Neon lighting; a life-size snow replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Snow Park theme 2011: Italy); tiger safari parks; kissing dolphins; too much vodka; and potato salad strawberry ice-cream.  January 2011.