Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey

IMG_0371This year’s Happy mid-to-late January / Thank you / Happy Chinese New Year Card.  Better late than never (again).  February 2016.


Mao, The Unknown Story. Jung Chang and Jon Halliday

MaoHard to believe the impact of one individual on so many generations and a national psyche, as well as the extent to which fundamental facts are simply unknown.  Woven within the context of Twentieth Century world history and given the role China – a fifth of the world’s population – is set to play on the world stage going forwards, a polemical yet humbling insight into the challenges facing the People’s Republic, past, present and future.  April 2014.



Factory 798

798 Art

2012-10-20 16.12.05

2012-10-20 16.38.25

2012-10-22 14.31.21-1A thriving art community in Beijing’s ‘District 798’, working and exhibiting among 50-year old decommissioned military buildings.  Disclaimer: top image is actually from a lavatory (not a gallery); final image is from the Hutongs.  October 2012.

Harbin Ice Festival

HarbinHarbin, Northern China.  Chinese Russian influences, including 3 story-high ice sculptures complete with Neon lighting; a life-size snow replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Snow Park theme 2011: Italy); tiger safari parks; kissing dolphins; too much vodka; and potato salad strawberry ice-cream.  January 2011.