Pack & Load: Before / After

HK Frames

HK BoxesThe HK version involved 9 people including: an Overseer; someone who looked like your Grandad (to take care of the small touches / make you laugh / gently cut your shoe out of the fuse box); and one person at any given moment commenting on the progress of the 8 others.  An hour and a half for lunch, and immense amusement at my sitting on the sofa wrapping 22 HR leaving presents in Union Jack wrapping paper.  The UK 2010 equivalent 4 years previous involved 2 men, equally kind, in and out in an hour and a half, who packed my entire home quicker than it takes me to pack for a 2 week holiday.  March 2014.


Disappearing HK Island – Central

Disappearing Central HKA striking cross-section of the city’s history suddenly revealed, with the clearing of an area for yet more new building: winding city streets and the wet-markets of Central, juxtaposed with glass and steel sky-scrapers as futuristic as they come.  March 2014.

Leaving Don’t – Hutong


HR @ HutongA traditional Chinese banquet, with a contemporary Northern Chinese cuisine twist, and the HK HR team.  Arguably the best views across the harbour over to the sparkling jewels of HK island, amid atmospheric Chinese decor and reflections on the changes we’ve all seen over the past 4 years.  March 2014.

Hutong, Aqua Restaurant Group.  Hong Kong, Beijing, London.