Jordan by MTR

JordanNathan Road, Jordan, Hong Kong.  March 2014.


Yue Hwa – To China in my Lunchbreak

Yue Hwa Yue HwaSilk duvets are apparently all the rage in London.  According to colleagues, the Chinese have been at it for generations and the best place to pick one up is the Yue Hwa Department Store, at Jordan.  I have it on very good authority, discussed entirely in Cantonese (lots of pointing), that Double Happiness or Double Horse, and Winter (as opposed to Summer) are the ones you need to go for.  March 2014.

City Gallery

City Gallery HKHong Kong’s City Gallery – formerly the HK Planning and Infrastructure Gallery – has been on my HK Bucket List for longer than is appropriate, and it didn’t disappoint.  Awesome for an overview of the city’s history and development, as well as plans and aspirations for meeting the challenges of the future.  Interesting insight into Communication and Economic links with the Mainland, and how One Country, Two Systems will continue to play out looking forwards.  Plus there’s nothing quite like some Housing Development / Transport Link stats to fill a Saturday afternoon.  February 2014.,_two_systems