Bullet Trains (and Fuji Rock, Kyoto and Tokyo)


Fuji Rock

2012-07-27 19.11.02 - Copy

2012-07-28 12.21.57 - Copy

2012-07-28 16.11.41 - Copy

2012-08-01 17.04.05 - Copy12 (2)12 (3)

2012-08-02 16.41.22

2012-08-05 11.03.57


IMG_2183photo 11 (1)Bullet train.  Radiohead headlining in the Japan Alps, sleeping on floor mats in a traditional Japanese Ryokan (me, not Radiohead – IN MY DREAMS), eating vending-machine pot noodles for dinner.  Bullet train.  Kyoto, former Imperial capital of Japan and city of Geishas and beautiful wooden Gion streets.  Bullet train.  Tokyo – 35 million within the larger metropolitan area and still counting – for Contemporary Art and really mind-blowing stationery.  August 2012.


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